charles ramsey, guitarist

If you have a teacher, let him be informative and stimulating -- even provoking -- but never pedantic, imposing his own will, or critical in a destructive way. The only valid criticism is constructive criticism. If your teacher destroys without reconstructing something worthy, say goodbye to him.

--Reginald Smith Brindle,
Musical Composition

I teach Guitar, Piano and Bass, in any style. The emphasis is always upon (1) learning to play real music (whatever music it is that you want to play) and to further this end (2) developing a solid technique (based upon rational, easy-to-understand principles). Common to all lessons is the goal of developing the (theoretical) vocabulary which allows all musicians to communicate as well as developing the appropriate theoretical knowledge for the style being studied. I welcome beginners and guarantee that you will find the atmosphere encouraging and engaging.

Lesson rates are reasonable and can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly or whatever other arrangement works best for you. Lessons are available at any time: day or night, weekday or weekend, schedule permitting.

NEW! Now lessons can be done by WEBCAM. Requirements include having Skype (with a working webcam, needless to say) and PayPal. Contact me for more details.

NEW! There is also a group guitar lesson option available, now meeting on Monday evenings. The rates are much lower, and this is a good option if you're interested in meeting other guitarists in a fun, encouraging environment! Contact me for more details.